Recovering from the crash

The recovery from the bike crash takes longer than expected. I skipped all workouts on the next day after the crash, so I don’t irritate the scratched spots with showers or swimming pool.

On the day after I had a swimming session and a short aerobic run. One of the shoulders hurts much more than I expected. I was the last swimmer at my¬†lane barely making the intervals. ¬†Fortunately the skin abrasions didn’t hurt in the water, so it was fine overall. Today the shoulder hurts more than just after the crash, so I suspect the swimming could be a mistake. I’m going to skip it tomorrow and the next one will be the OWS session on Saturday.

Running and cycling should be fine. I had a bruise on one of the hamstrings, but it recovered very quickly. This evening I’ll try to do a sweet spot intervals on a trainer.

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