Cold season

Yesterday the “cold” season officially started in Boston. By “cold” I mean the weather that don’t allow to run or ride in t-shirt of shirts.

This morning’s brick started at 46F (+7C) and it was way to cold even for 2 t-shirts. Next time I’m getting my winter jacket and hopefully new biking pants. If they arrive on time.

In general the lower the temperature the easier is to run and ride, but there are limits. Today during the ride my legs were clearly not warm enough to push really hard. I ended up with an average running speed of 17.2 mph for the 58 mi ride. Last week I did 17.8. However by 11:30am the temperature was in mid-60ties and practically perfect for a run. I ran my fastest run after a bike, 7:19 min/mile average running pace for 10 miles! On the Boston marathon route, including the Heartbreak Hill.

The water temperature in Walden Pond was still ideally cool. But it will change soon. I have 5 more weeks to swim there. Hopefully it will not get too cold.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the week, even though I had to skip a couple of workouts due to scratches and parties. At this point I should probably get back to working on race-pace workouts. I kind of skipped back to just very long runs/rides a couple of weeks back. Next week: less volume,  more intensity!

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