Sucessfull week

The week was definitely a success. I would be happy with just 10 hours of training, but I did 11.5 and finished up with a very nice build-style weekend. Even slight flu symptoms at the beginning of the week didn’t hurt the performance.

This is how I think a successful build week looks like:


Highlights include:

  • 8×800 running interval session on 2:50-2:56
  • 4×8 tempo (90-95% FTP) bike interval session
  • A 3 hour ride with IF 0.82. I’m still not sure if it’s a race pace or recovery pace. Biking on hilly roads is very confusing
  • sub 29 min 1.1 mile swim. Definitely race-pace
  • 10 mile run with 4 miles race pace in between. Well, a bit slower than my target race pace, but definitely race effort on those nice hills.

2 more weeks just like that and I’ll call it a successful build meso-cycle.

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