Worst ride ever

Yesterday morning I had the worst ride of my life.

First thing I noticed was a half-flat tire. Ignoring it in attempt to save 15 min was the first and probably my┬ábiggest mistake. I thought if it pump it up, I’ll be able to ride for 45 min. This didn’t go well.

The morning was unusually fresh even for October. I think around 36F (+2C). I waited for sun to come up and started my usual 14-mile recovery ride. The tire started to loose air pretty fast around 20 minutes in. I attempted to cut the ride short and chose a street, parallel to I-95 to get home faster.

But it was just a dead end with a school at the end. At this point I was cold, disappointed and angry. That is when I tried to make a relatively slow U-turn on a flat front tire. The tire provided literally zero traction, it just went horizontal. With me and the bike.

I’ve spend the next 15 minutes replacing the tire and enjoying road rash. On the ride back I enjoyed the usual morning stuff: traffic jams and road constructions.

Weekday cycling in October sucks, I’ll move all my non-long rides indoor.

The whole day I was not able to walk straight thanks to a huge bruise on a hip. Tonight I’ll try to do an interval session on the trainer and tomorrow an hill running session depending on how the hip.


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