Closing OWS season

Triathlon training in Boston in October is not a very good idea. September is just fine, but October stretches it. Not enough sun for evening rides, water temperature getting too low. Probability of rain is too high. It’s time to switch to running mode. This year my last tri is Nov,6. The next year it will be Oct, 15, so I will be just fine.

Today was the last OWS training swim of this season for me. Every week at Walden pond I was thinking it would be the last one. And today I felt this was the case.  The warm water inside the wetsuit was beign  replaced by cold one too fast. Head, arms and legs are constantly cold. And I was not getting much warmer during the swim. At this point it is a different kind of workout – a cold OWS. I’m not sure I need those at this point. I have 3 more weekends and I’m going to do the long swim inside. I don’t think I’ll lose my sighting skills in three weeks.

On the other note, the last build period is going fine. Second week out of three is almost done, just a long 58 mi ride tomorrow. My legs are completely trashed after a 20x20sec hill repeats on Thursday and a 10-mile hilly run on Saturday. So it will probably not be my fastest 58 mi loop.


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