Indian summer

Global warming has not screwed the weather enough to cancel Indian Summers. I wonder if it’s still politically correct to use this term for the unusually warm weather in October. But anyway, it’s here. Today the temperature will hit 80F (27C) in Boston.

It will not affect my training much. Unfortunately it’s still dark in the evening, so I cannot move my recovery rides outside. But it is one more week running in t-shirt and shorts and OWS at Walden pond. I’ll take it.

It is the last week of hard training and my body starts to shows slight signs of long term fatigue. The HRV is around 7, weight is a big higher than usual. I have to downgrade some of the hard workouts to easy ones. For example last weekend instead of doing 10 miler with 6 at MP I just did 10 miles at usual pace, and my legs were completely devastated.

Is it good or bad for the training.? It’s probably good for the aerobic base, but I have enough for 70.3¬†already. I’m not sure it’s going to increase my speed or strengths. More and more I’m leaning towards making the next training cycle speed/strengths related.

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