Here comes taper!

Three hard weeks of training is done, it’s finally time for a taper. I usually welcome it, because the week before taper are the hardest ones.

The three week’s cycle was quite successful. I manage to do a number of race-pace workouts and dial down on mileage a bit. As a result, I don’t feel completely dead. This is probably how a proper build cycle should feel like.

Here is the list of race-pace workouts, that make me confident I’m not going to botch the race:

  • All 1.1 mile swims are under 29 min
  • Two 58-mile rides with 90% and 88% FTP (on tired legs)
  • A 13 mile run with 10 miles race pace. Well, almost race pace, 6:59 GAP. I’ll target 6:53, but on much flatter course. So I think I’m good there.

Trainer Peaks shows CLT 104, a bit less than before Poconos Mountains 70.3, I had 108 then. It’s fine, it was not a perfect cycle. TSB is -10.

The plan for the taper weeks is lose no more than 8 CTL and get no more than 20 TSB, according to Jim Vance’s book. I might even go a bit easier, because I feel I was not completely rested last time.

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