1st week of taper

The fist week of taper went just fine. The only problem was the Northeastern weather trying to screw up my weekend. A day with a rain and a day without a rain were promised. I planned a 10-mile run for a rainy day and a 25 mile ride for a dry one.

And yes, the days were misplaced. So I had a miserable slow ride with rain and a temperature of 39F (+4C) and a beautiful warm run at 60F (+16C). Well, the weather here is interesting.

Overall, progress in  swimming and running looks pretty good, the indicators are above targets. Biking – I don’t know. I did manage to have a “sweet spot”  interval workout last week. I am not always able to do those, they’re still way too hard. But long distance rides are not as speedy as I’d like them to be. I suspect it’s just my reluctance to ride fast. I’m still not very comfortable on the Massachusetts roads are speeds above 20 mph. The race will show if I progressed or not.

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