Plan for the next marathon cycle

I rounded up the plan for the next marathon cycle. It will be very similar to the previous one, which was quite successful (a sub-3 hours Boston Marathon). The main goal for the cycle is a guarantied entry to New York Marathon, which means  a sub 2:58 marathon for me.

The base of the plan is Pfitzinger 12/70, a 12-week plan with maximum 70 miles per week. It is more aggressive than 18/70, but I think I can handle it.

In addition to the main plan I’d like to do 2 master swimming sessions per week and one recovery spin on Sundays. This will constitute the triathlon flavor of the plan.

There is one more thing that I’d like to try – Seluyanov-style strengths workouts. Basically he recommends to make short strides, hill sprints and some specific type of weight training the basis of the marathon training and reduce the aerobic volume. I’m not ready to sacrifice volume for this, but what I can do it include a bit more strides and hill sprints into the Pfitz program.

I have 5 weeks before the start of the program, and I’ll try to ramp up the mileage during this time. The first week of Pfitz 12/70 has 55 miles of running, I need to be ready for this. Also during this 5 weeks I have a test half marathon race. It will show if my running fitness decreased during the triathlon season or not.

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