Recovery period and ramp-up period.

Two-week recovery period is done. I’m feeling pretty good physically and may be around A- mentally. Last week I’ve done just 35 miles of running, 2 swim workouts and 1 spin session. Overall about 8 hours of training. It doesn’t sound like a completely recovery, lets call it “active recovery”. I even had a first quality workout – 20×20 hill sprints during this week.

Next 4 weeks will consist of slow ramp-up of mileage and intensity for the Pfitz 12/70 training cycle. I don’t have too many runs planned out, but there are 2 quality sessions and a 15 miles long run every week. There is also a test half-marathon race during this period. Depending on how rested will I be after 2 weeks of ramp-up, I’ll target 1:25 or something faster. But I’ll be perfectly happy with hitting 1:25.


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