First 1650

One of the advice my swimming coach gave me when I asked how to improve my long distance swimming pace is to swim 1650s on time. Apparently its one of the typical long swimming workoutss. They even call it a “swimming mile”, even though it’s not a mile. Weird, but the actual distance doesn’t really matter. It could be 1500 meters, 1650 yards or 1 mile, the most important that it’s a long interval, that can be swam as a test once per 1-2 months.

I tried one on Friday. The result was expected, but disappointed still. While I think that 1:25-1:30 is a completely doable interval pace for me, the average pace for the whole 1650 was 1:34. Here are the 400-meter splits:


But more interesting is the pace. It looks like for the first 50 meters I’m capable to hold < 1:20, but it deteriorates quickly to 1:30+. I wonder what should I change in my swimming to prevent this deterioration


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