Pfitz 12/70 start

The ramp-up weeks are behind me. I’m actually quite happy with the progress. Despite a disappointing half-marathon, the workouts are looking better than ever. I do my long runs around 7:20-7:30 pace, looking to dropping to 7:10 during the next weeks. I was able to hold 6:20 for 4 miles of an LT run.  I’m going to start my training targeting 6:30 as MP. It is a very big drop from 6:50 at the last marathon. I will use the Winter Warlock 18-miler as a sanity check.

The first week of the Pfitz 12/70 training has a bunch of medium and short runs during the week and a very nice 15-miler with 8 miles MP at the end. It will be nice to see how I can handle that.

On the other note, I think I hit a plateau with my swimming. I’m struggling to to faster than 1:30-1:35 per 100 yards for any distance longer than 100 yards. And just today I read a post on reddit  describing the same situation. I’ll try to work on my rotation, catch and kick and see if it helps.


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