first week of Pfitz 12/70

The 1st week test was almost a success. I my plan A was to keep 6:30 min/mile for 8 miles in the middle of the 15-mile long run. Here is the result:

The average pace was 10 seconds slower than planned. But taking hills into account, it was actually 6:32 min/mile. Ho heart rate was lower than 170, which is good. But the legs were not as fresh as I wanted them. The reason is basically the same as last time, at the Happy Merrython 2016. I overdid the training during the week. As a test, I increased RPE on my medium-long runs to about 6/10. The runs were still aerobic, but may be a bit faster than they should have been.

  • 11 miles Tuesday: average pace 7:02 min/mile, Pa:HR 4.15%
  • 11 miles Thursday: average pace 7:06 min/mile, Pa:HR 6.78%

The pace is even faster than my A-plan marathon pace+10%. This tired my legs down and I didn’t quite hit the 8mile MP run on Saturday. Next time I’ll keep the pace slower than 7:10 for the mid-week medium runs. However the next week doesn’t have a monster fast run on Saturday, just a lot of aerobic ┬áruns. So I’ll keep pushing on the midweek runs for one more week.

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