Switching to daily upload for HRV4Training

HRV4Training constantly gets new features. I usually don’t spend too much time in the app, just the mandatory 1 minute after I wake up. So it can take a while before I find them.

It looks like some of the new features, like VO2Max and and TSS summaries are only available when you connect the app to Strava and upload every day, before the actual heart rate management. Apparantly the TrainingPeaks connection that I had enabled for a while is not enough.

I guess Strava’s API provides more data than Training Peaks. Direct connection to Garmin Connect would provide even more, but probably the HRV4Training author doesn’t want to pay $5K for a subscription.

I wouldn’t if I wanted to develop an app, that uses health data.

In any case after a couple of runs the app shows me a VO2Max of 59, which is way too high. It basically means a 2:45 marathon. We’ll see if it changes its opinion after more information.

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