Miles for Marly 100×100 2017

For the second time, I participated in a crazy swimmers tradition – a 100 times 100 yard interval workout first Sunday of a New Year. Last time I was doing it on 1:50 interval and it was quite doable.

This time I tried to do it on 100 seconds or 1:40. Unfortunately it required an unsustainable level of effort from me. To make things worse, 3 people in my lane finished each interval in ~1:20. That was totally too fast for me, but I tried to keep up. When I was leading intervals 31-40, I tried to finish around 1:27-1:28 and people were almost touching my toes.

My pace deteriorated to almost 1:40 after 60 intervals and I decided to switch to a slower lane. In 1:45 lane I deliberately started last and was swimming with very low effort, stretching after each pull. To my surprise this gave me a stable pace of ~1:35. It is a bit frustrating, sometimes, when I try to swim faster and put more effort, I end up slower.

In any case I finished around 2 hours 51 minutes and quite happy with the result. Shoulders are sore and I feel like internal organs are in disarray. Almost like my body didn’t spend enough energy worrying about the digestive system during the swim.

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