Swimming technique correction

One of my plans for 2017 was the break a swimming performance plateau.  My pace stopped improving around 1:30 min/100 yards and stood there for about half a year.

Today I’ve  got a second opinion about my technique from another swimming coach. E3Training solutions offers a 1:1 swim analysis session.

Before the session I half suspected that my body position and rotation are fine, but the pull needs improvement.  I was partially correct. The major issues with my stoke were in overemphasized stretching and gliding. Not only I glided too long, but also moved the hand a little bit up during the stretch. Which is pretty much the opposite of what I should be doing. It caused a pretty long (0.2-0.5 seconds) dead zone every stroke.

As usual, it is very clear when I see it on the video, but completely impossible to feel.

The major fixed for that problem are:

  • swimming with freestyle fins to make sure the hand doesnt go up during the stretch
  • increase cadence and shrug shoulders instead of stretching just one of them
  • sculling drills to make sure I start the catch immediately after the entry
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