Winter Warlock 18-miler

It was a very good race! The conditions were perfect: sunny, ~30F( -1C) and a small breeze.  My most important goal was to test my target MP of 6:30 min/mile. I successfully accomplished that. The average pace was 6:29. Here is the link to a strava recording

The course was a simple out and back on an almost empty road. About a third of it had paved rolling hills and two thirds had flat dirt road. Fortunately the dirt froze and it felt like asphalt. The first half was helped by a tailwind. The pace felt very manageable, almost easy. I totally should be able to hold it for the whole 26.2 miles.  The second part was harder. Headwind and climbs knocked my pace to ~6:50. But I still had enough strengths in the legs to compensate on descents.

In addition to hitting my goal I also won the 18-mile race. There were at least 3 runners faster than me today, but they were running 10K or half marathon. In fact I think only about a dozen of people ran 18 mile version. So it doesn’t mean I’m fast. It means I finally found a race small enough to win. Nevertheless it felt great to lead a race.

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