Recovery after 18-miler

I have never done an 18-miler before. Usually I don’t really need any recovery after a half-marathon. I can even do an interval session on the next day and be productive. After a full marathon I normally need a lot of recovery. For at least 2 weeks without any hard workouts.

18-miler supposed to be somewhere in the middle. On the next day I felt really good and did a 20×20 hill repeats (20 seconds uphill sprint 20 times on 2:00 minutes). ┬áThe legs were fine.

However on the second day when I supposed to do the mid-week mid-long 15 miles run, my legs were not up to it. I had several small pain points in knees and calves. So I did an easy 6-miler instead. And during this 6-miler the legs felt like they were made of clay.

Today I supposed to do 10-mile with 4-mile LT in the middle. I’m still in doubts about it. I will do 10, but I might not be able to hold a LT pace.

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