Rest week or hard week

I supposed to have a rest week, but instead I feel very very tired. The main reason was the 18-mile race I did last Sunday, of course. I had to do some shifts in the training and move medium-long run to the end of the week. As a result I had a beautiful three day streak: 15 mi – 7 mi + swim – 17 mi. I did the last 17 mi at around 7:12 pace and I’d prefer it to be close to 7:00. ┬áHRV is dropped to ~7, weight dropped to <156. But psychologically I feel fine and ready to continue after some rest.

So today I’m having a full rest today. No snowboarding, no spinning, just sitting at home, doing easy chores. May be catch up on some youtube videos.

The next two weeks are 70-mile weeks, but there is not so many hard workouts. Just two per week. It looks doable.

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