Peak weeks

The next two weeks are the hardest ones. 70 miles per week in each of them. It is mostly long slow runs, but sometimes there are monster MP or LT runs.

I am still trying to run my slow runs at 7:00-7:10 pace. Heart rate stays relatively low, about 150-160 with peaks at 165 on the Heartbreak Hill. But the legs are trashed. I think I am going to keep doing it and insert rest days for legs as needed.

I am showing the first signals of long term fatigue. HRV is constantly low as is weight. But sleep is stable and I don’t have horror of the workouts. So this is probably a good fatigue. I need to survive another week and a half and then I have a vacation!

This week 70 miles end up with an 18 miler with 12 at MP. Taking into account that I have already done 18 MP, it is not a test workout. I have nothing to prove and if I do it slower, its OK.

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