Failed MP-run

I was not able to do 12 miles at marathon pace during the long run yesterday. The legs were just not up to it. Also, usually I have a tailwind in the first half, if I run the Boston Marathon course towards the start, but yesterday it was the opposite. For the first half my pace was decremented by a strong headwind. But this excuse is not enough. The main reason was the leg muscles. I tried to keep something close to my goal MP pace adjusted for the headwind for the first 2-3 miles, but than gave up.

As a result, I had a very decent 18-miles long run, 7:07 pace with just 2.2% PA:Hr degradation. Despite of a lot of pain, the heart rate was relatively low, 156 bpm on average.

It wasn’t a test run and I successfully done all other workouts of this long 70 miles week, so I’m happy with the overall week result.

I don’t think I have more long MP-pace workouts during this cycle anymore. I do have tempo-runs and even “tune-up” races. Next week is a 70-mile week as well with 2 hard workouts and a 21-mile run at the end. After that I’m off to Salt Lake City for a week of snowboarding!

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