5 days of physical bliss

And its this time again. I’m in Salt Lake City for 5 days of snowboarding during the day and running in the evening.

This time I made slight adjustments. Every day will start with 30 min of yoga. I think it really helps to warm the body up for the snowboarding. Today I felt great on the slopes after a year long pause.

The running part will be less active than last time. I have a kind of recovery week, just 66 miles of running, down from 70. Also, the first day is Sunday and I haven’t done any workouts today.

My only concern for this week is Saturday. It will have a 18-mile long run on the next day after travel. And last time it didn’t end up too well. But last time the running week was harder and the long run was 21 miles. So hopefully I’ll be OK.

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