Running in Salt Lake City

This week’s running workouts are supposed to be hard. The reasons for that are:

  • I’m doing them after 6+ hours of snowboarding. This should be possible. If I train for Ironman triathlon, I’m not supposed to be tired after 6 hours of a light aerobic activity.
  • Salt Lake City is 4300′ above sea level and usually I train at 0 altitude. I’m lucky to have some altitude training 3 weeks before the marathon.

The first couple of days were really hard. Those were day 2 and 3 of new physical activity and my legs hurt in unusual places when I started my run. I guess it was DOMS. On the second day I’ve done a 15-miler with 7:35 pace. I’d prefer to have the aerobic runs at 7:00-7:10.

Day three is surprisingly good. I had a challenging day on Snowbird. This resort is still above my abilities, so almost every run was a workout. But after that I had a 6-miler with practically the same level of performance as in Boston.

Tomorrow Pfitz recommends a 10-mile tune-up race, but I’m not going to do that. I will not even do a 10-mile tempo run. It sounds horrible even without snowboarding and altitude. It will be just an aerobic 12-miler.

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