First winter run in Boston

And finally the Boston weather has shown us that it still can deliver. A big storm hit the North East last Thursday. Plus another 4 inches of snow on Friday. Plus another foot is coming as I write it on Sunday.

I managed to put a 18-miler yesterday. The Carriage road was not cleaned from the Friday’s little snowfall, so it was very slippery. This didn’t discourage hundreds of charity runners or me. It was very very slow, with average pace 7:39 and some miles slower than 8 min/mile. It has been a while since I did 8 minute miles. But I consider it another type of workout  – a stability exercise. During the run the average heart rate was 145 bpm, which is lower than my recovery rate. So I’m in great shape after the snowboarding week. I just don’t have a chance to show it yet.

The next week is the last hard week before tapering. 70 miles, but only one hard workout on Monday. The rest is aerobic. Sounds totally doable.

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