Feels like winter

I think I’m having a slight training overload. Running is going OK if I can get to it. But mentally its not that easy anymore. It’s not the training that is hard, its everything besides the training. But as I already know, its not true. I don’t have much more stuff to do than usual. This is the normal resistance.

I’m trying to squeeze as many workouts as I can in the first week after the vacation in order to profit from nice recovery. So farĀ I’m on the third double day, if you count half hour of yoga in the morning.

I think I’m starting to notice and isolate the moments, when anxiety overwhelms the will to train. Its primarily the 5:25 morning wake-up call for the swim workouts and long commutes in the evening. Logically its strange, because we’re talking about 30 min difference between stressful situation and relaxed one.

I hope the noting the difference will help to remove this problem.

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