Feeling very tired, but in a good way

%Subj%. I still have a master swim workout in about an hour and then this week will be done.

I think I successfully used up all my restored vacation power. All workouts completed as planned and I feel tired. The subjectively measured values so far show that I’m not overtrained. The only one signal is the weight drop. I’m around 153 and I should be around 155 ideally.

But HRV is fine, sleep, performance and mental state are fine. So I’m proceeding as planned. The plan for the next week is to dial down on the druration. But at the end of the week I am going to do a short tune-up race, as Pfitz suggests in his training plan. At the end of the week our club is doing Amherst 10-miler. I’ll shift the workouts in the way that will allow me to have some rest before the race.

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