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South of Germany

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Mount Lafayette hike

Tweet One the most beautiful one-day hikes in New Hampshire. Mount Lafayette. Share on Facebook

Lake Como, Italy

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MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses

Tweet MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) became very popular in 2012. Simple video courses existed already  for a very long time, but nowadays you can find sophisticated online services with auto-grading, peer review and team collaboration tools. The most advanced free system (in my opinion) is Coursera . There is a number of very interesting courses, presented by US […]

Anti-virus Websites, 1.5 years later

Tweet Not much has changed in the last year and a half on the anti-virus landscape. The big vendors are still here. Almost all of the 50+ small anti-virus vendors are also active. I could not believe that a commodity market like personal anti-virus software can have so much space for competition. Apparently customer loyalty plays a […]

Antivirus Direct – lessons learned

Tweet Idea About a year and a half ago I had an idea about a price-comparison website created for people, why buy and upgrade their anti-virus software online. Customer Segments. I wanted to target one particular type of customers: people, who are faced with a necessity to purchase an anti-virus license for the next year and who are not […]

Projects update

Tweet Hello again to all the readers of my blog! I understand completely, there are not so many people who keep checking a blog, which had no posts for  more than a year. Well, there are 5 RSS subscribers according to  Feedburner. And of course occasional visitors, who search for “Horus Herecy” or “role of e-commerce […]

52 antivirus software vendors – market overview

Tweet When I started to make a list of antivirus software companies, I never thought I would find so many. There are dozens of antivirus brands available, from multimillion dollar public US corporations to small private firms in Asia. There are also a number of companies that are not selling any consumer products but may […]

How to get free antivirus software for 50 months

Tweet All antivirus software companies provide their solutions for free – absolutely legally, and they’re happy to do it. Sometimes they even pay affiliates to promote their free products. And the products work without any limitations. Just not for very long. For one or three months, sure. It’s called a trial. I’m sorry, I don’t […]