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MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses

Tweet MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) became very popular in 2012. Simple video courses existed already  for a very long time, but nowadays you can find sophisticated online services with auto-grading, peer review and team collaboration tools. The most advanced free system (in my opinion) is Coursera . There is a number of very interesting courses, presented by US […]

Projects update

Tweet Hello again to all the readers of my blog! I understand completely, there are not so many people who keep checking a blog, which had no posts for  more than a year. Well, there are 5 RSS subscribers according to  Feedburner. And of course occasional visitors, who search for “Horus Herecy” or “role of e-commerce […]

twitter shit-storm

Tweet Yesterday evening I was watching in real time how the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has written (or has twitted) his first tweets. My first idea was: when will his twitter be hit by an Internet shit-storm? The answer was: in approximately 1 hour. In the comments of his first twit-photo The problem […]

RSS feeds to read

Tweet A list of blogs/news sites I read via google reader: Pics blogs (daily blogs with nothing more but photos. Very relaxing): All Kaspersky rss feeds: E-commerce and business blogs: News (not regularly): Share on Facebook

Talking to robots

Tweet Interesting aspect of a starting blogger. You mostly speak with spam robots. Actually, they’re quite good in conversation. They always talk about you and very laconic. Here are a couple of examples: All hail robots!!! Share on Facebook

WordPress is coming to age

Tweet I’ve tried to use several versions of WordPress, starting with 1.5.something. It always looked like a “very old’ software. The kind of software were made by programmers. Not coders, not designers, but good old “programmers”, “hackers”. Persons, who can master the whole cycle of program production by themselves. Version 2.6 looks a bit different […]