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Duma key

Tweet Duma key is one of the latest horror novels by Stephen King.  I liked old Stephen King of 80s –  Salem’s lot, Pet Cemetery and others are the best examples of smart honest horror novels. Normally tt’s very easy to scary your by using typical strong images: just cut a limb from a child […]

Speed Reading

Tweet A couple of months ago I got a training in speed reading. Surprisingly It was quite hard (much harder then speed typing) There are a number of courses available via the Internet. Most of them start with promising “incredible increase of the reading pace”. They talk about 2000-3000, sometimes even 10000 words per minute. […]

The Horus Herecy – False Gods

Tweet The second part of the Horus Heresy – False Gods was written by another writer – Graham McNeill (honestly, I’ve never heard of him before). Secretary of Aggression of 40.000 years old Imperium of Man, Horus is joining the Dark Side and plotting against his boss – The Emperor of Man. The first time […]

Woken Furies

Tweet With regret I have to say that Richard Morgan is most probably not the Gibson of 21-st century. “Woken Furies”, the third book of Takeshi Kovacs series is following the downhill from “Altered Carbon” to “Broken Angels“. This time the ex-super soldier returns to his homeworld and tries to resolve some horrible conflicts there. […]

Broken Angels by Richard Morgan

Tweet Broken Angels is the sequel to “Altered Carbon” by newest cyberpunk idol Richard Morgan. Takeshi Kovac has again some nano- and megaenimies to crush with his “envoy conditioning”. This book is less brutal and less sex-oriented. Actually it’s more sci-fi-oriented than the first one. We are getting more and more inside into the world of […]

Horus Heresy – Horus rising

Tweet I never particularly liked Warhammer 40.000, never played any board or computer games, based on this universe. In fact, armored felt boots are waay to nerdy even for me. But sometimes one can appreciate masterpieces even in the genres, which one doesn’t like. Unquestionable masterpiece was the latest computer game in the Warhammer 40.000 series […]

Altered Carbon

Tweet Altered Carbon is a dark cyberpunk novel by Richard Morgan. At the time, when most of the bestsellers are talking about vampires, catholics or wizards, it’s nice to find a good old-school science fiction action novel. Richard Morgan is the flagship of cyberpunk of the first decade of 21 century (as was William Gibson […]

Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

Tweet Yesterday i finished listening to the latest book of Dan Brown – “Lost Symbol“. I like Dan Brown, he writes very enjoyable pulp fiction. I liked him even more, when he was  a science fiction writer (the first 3 books). Then he discovered that religion fiction pays much better, unfortunately While reading “Da Vinci […]


Tweet There are lies, damn lies and statistics. What happens if you apply the rules of statistical analyze to real life? Horrible, horrible things. You can prove almost anything and  break the same proof again and again. Depends on how you apply your statistical knowledge. A book “Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of […]

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Tweet Yesterday I’ve finished reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsing. It’s and old philosophical book about life and work. Author is trying to answer on the questions how to life without screwing yourself up and how to perform your job correct. Correct not in the sense “to satisfy your boss”, but […]