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Locke Lamora

Tweet The books are getting bigger and bigger every year. They’re also multiplying, writers don’t just create novels, they’re creating long cycles of them. Everybody wants to be like Rowling. It’s even normal to plan ahead, like I’m going to create a huge 10-volumes story about this character. I even know already names of the […]

Catcher in the rye

Tweet Today in the sportclub I’ve finished listening to the “Catcher in the rye” by Salinger. Sometimes I feel like reading the classic well-known books, even if only just to understand, why people like them so much. But I admit, I’ve only got the book because the Salinger deceased a couple of month ago. Otherwise […]

The yiddish policemen’s union

Tweet I was recommended this book by a friend of mine. According to him,The Yiddish Policemen’s Union it’s practically new standard of style. I don’t know much about those standards, but I liked it very much. From the first chapter I felt myself completely surrounded by the reality of the book. I felt it, I […]

Sieg Larsson novels

Tweet I don’t like detective novels that much. After all the interesting investigation it boils down to simple murder (or simple theft). But sometimes some books are interesting on their own even in the genre, which is boring. Stieg Larsson was a human rights defender. He especially didn’t like women and children abuse. So, there is a […]

Current Graphic novels

Tweet For some time I was a fun of “suitable for adult” graphic novels. Adult in this context doesn’t mean porno, although some tits are allowed. Adult means they would be interested for grown-ups (up to 25-30 years, to be honest). They have complicated scripts, cynical jokes and a lot of cultural references.  Normally the […]

Long 19th Century: European History from 1789 to 1917

Tweet These weeks I have to travel a lot between Belgium and Netherlands, and as I’m spending more time in the car, more books are listened to. Yesterday I’ve finished another lecture series from The Teaching Company, called “Long 19th Century: European History from 1789 to 1917″. I’m a huge fan of The Teaching Company, […]

Terry Prattchett latest books

Tweet It was a huge tragedy, when Terry Pratchett announced his condition. I love all his books, especially the Discworld series. Somehow he still manages to write with his own style. Actually I could say his latest 2 books are not much different from the last 5 (staring let’s say with Going postal) There is […]

Neil Gainman books

Tweet Recently I’ve discovered Neil Gainman. Yes, I know, as a good geek (nerd) I must have read all of him long time ago. At least because he’s an author of cult comic book “Sandman” But there are so many books around and so few time. Anyway, I went through most of his novels last […]

Sony eBook reader PRS-600

Tweet I’m an old fun of e-Book readers. I still own “always the best” REB-1100, cult product form a now deceased company RCA. Long time after the production was stopped, you still could see them on e-Bay. After Sony issued the first e-book readers with e-ink, I of course immediately bought one, PRS-500, via American e-bay. It was not […]

The Adolescent by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Tweet As a normal male kid, I hated Russian literature lessons in the school. I just couldn’t understand why people do what do in the books. After the explanation from the teacher it was clearer and I could follow the story. Even then Dostoevsky was my favorite. May be because the book from the official […]