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Anti-virus Websites, 1.5 years later

Tweet Not much has changed in the last year and a half on the anti-virus landscape. The big vendors are still here. Almost all of the 50+ small anti-virus vendors are also active. I could not believe that a commodity market like personal anti-virus software can have so much space for competition. Apparently customer loyalty plays a […]

Antivirus Direct – lessons learned

Tweet Idea About a year and a half ago I had an idea about a price-comparison website created for people, why buy and upgrade their anti-virus software online. Customer Segments. I wanted to target one particular type of customers: people, who are faced with a necessity to purchase an anti-virus license for the next year and who are not […]

International prices in webshops

Tweet The World Wide Web supposed to be an international network. Hence “the”  and “world” in it.  With exception of the Great Chinese firewall anybody in the world could see any information on any website. And, theoretically, anybody could buy any product from any website. I do understand why e-shops, selling real goods like books, […]

Antivirus Direct – Information overload

Tweet When I  started the first version of , I tried to represent the data in the minimalistic way. The less steps user needs to perform to get all the information, required for the analysis  – the better. One page per product sounded like a good idea. Well, I didn’t think there are so many antivirus […]

New project: Antivirus Direct

Tweet I’ve spend the last 4 years working for different antivirus vendors (Kaspersky and Trustport) helping consumers to buy and renew their antiviruses online. The online sales industry of antiviruses is a bit strange. Vendors are still mostly oriented on retail market (well, they’ve build their empires based on brick-and-mortar retail sales). And online shops […]

The role of e-commerce in your business

Tweet The more I think on the subject, the more I come to the same thought. e-commerce doesn’t exist as a separate discipline. Basically it’s just one of the parts of process called “sales” or even more abstract “business”. If I’d try to describe, what e-commerce do for your business it would be: ” improving the information […]

Luxembourg as online offshore zone

Tweet A lot of Internet companies, dealing in Europe are trying to reduce their VAT. Opening a company in Luxembourg is a good choice, they have just 15% and they’re respectable European country, nothing like strange islands, which could be covered by occasional tide wave. However, you have to consider a lot of additional problems, such […]

Catalog vs pricelist

Tweet Normally a catalog is the same as a price-list. Just  more pictures and info. You choose something from the catalog, write down the SKU and purchase it. That’s now distribution works. However, online the prices could be much flexible. Price is, at the end,  an instrument of marketing and online you can feel it’s power.. […]

Orange champions mailing

Tweet It’s very good that Netherlands has won semi-final. The whole country is busy with celebrations and the spirits are high. I’ve just send a special discount mailing to all our clients with a present for the championship. At mininum we have 2 more days of the “orange champions” spirit, until the final game against […]

Open source forever

Tweet Last couple of days I was testing the new bright and shiny e-commerce engine Magento. The main reason why I wanted to switch from the OS:commerce-like solutions was amount of fine-tuning required. It never works perfectly out of the box. Nor should it, to be honest. It’s not a box product, it’s a basis […]