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Avira sense of humor

Tweet I don’t know if there is a joke is there a word in English language for  something like “compulsory but made to appear as voluntary”. There is one in Russian. The literal translation would be  “voluntary-compulsory”, but it doesn’t sound that funny. Yesterday I’ve tried a test installation of free antivirus from Avira. I’ve […]

Online sales vs Online support

Tweet Some people ask why it’s so easy to buy something online and why it’s so hard to perform any other operations with your money or goods. For example, cancel your purchase. Or change the dates of the purchased ticket. Some people even think that business are doing it on purpose: making the process of […]

E-commerce and Affiliate solutions

Tweet I was checking today for a good e-commerce platforms for the development of your own web-shop. There is a nice list of 9 most popular. This one is a bit longer, but basically it boils down to 3 options: osCommerce and it’s relatives Magento non-LAMP solutions, based on ASP.NET, Rubi or Joomla […]

Overview of user tracking

Tweet Let’s look one step further in our way to track users (continuing from ) How else you can track customers of your site: web analytics (they normally use cookies and URL parameters) e-commerce engine (user must in most cases create login for buying something, but even without logins the e-shop software could use […]

Tracking users or traffic?

Tweet There are different possibilities to track the incoming traffic. The easiest is: Counting clicks Let’s say you have a 10.000 page views per month. It means users have clicked 10.000 times on your pages. You can count also your revenue for this month, divide it by the pageviews and call it “conversion”. But at […]

Free Anti-Viruses Industry

Tweet A couple of days ago Microsoft came with a new free Anti-Virus product – Microsoft Security Essentials I will not comment on Microsoft ability to create security products, my opinion could be based of course. I’d like to write a bit about the whole idea of those Free Anti-Virus. Currently it’s not just a […]

How to measure e-commerce performance

Tweet What are the characteristics, you can use to measure your e-commerce activity (except just turnover). Most of the sales and communications are direct, so you can not measure it by the number of partners/resellers/distributors. Here are examples for the software e-shop: Revenue source split Direct sales After trial Affiliate network SEM Email marketing Shareware […]

Omniture Search Center training

Tweet Just got a 1 hour webex training from Omniture about one of their solutions – Search Center. Basically it’s a framework, that uses different SEM-engines, like Google Adwords, Bing Paid Search, etc. It allows to synchronize data from all those different systems and perform a couple of nice operations: Portfolio Manager (you just give […]

Activation codes vs serial numbers

Tweet What is the difference between an activation code and a serial number. The biggest one is: One of them costs money and could be a product for your e-shop and another doesn’t cost anything. Activation codes are secret numbers, which are used to activate some software. Normally it happens online. The generation of activation […]

how to apply 20% discount

Tweet What could be easy then apply a 20% discount to your product in the e-shop! Nothing! Ok, lets check it out from prospective of accounting. We have 1 product, that cost € 79.50. Let’s look at the order with 20% discount and Dutch VAT Products Model Price (ex) Tax Price (inc) Total 1 x Your […]