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News in e-payment security

Tweet I’ve written many times about how insecure the credit cards are. They’re stolen by thousands and often merchants are those, who have to pay the price. But credit cards are still the e-payment number one in the world. So, what are the current (2011) trends in making the electronic payments safer? Hardening the credit […]

How fast the credit card payments really are?

Tweet It looks like the credit card payments in the Internet are immediate. You pay and the money are coming from your credit card to the bank account of the e-shop. Well, it’s only partially true. The credit card “cloud” promises that the money will come directly, but in reality this process is not that […]

Chronopay problems or who is your psp?

Tweet Several days ago a Russian-dutch Payment Service Provider Chronopay had some security issues. It is not 100% clear what happened, but a number of credit cards were compromised. Apparently they’ve missed payment on their domain name, which allowed criminals to create a fake payment page and collect some credit card numbers. May be it’s […]

Luxembourg as online offshore zone

Tweet A lot of Internet companies, dealing in Europe are trying to reduce their VAT. Opening a company in Luxembourg is a good choice, they have just 15% and they’re respectable European country, nothing like strange islands, which could be covered by occasional tide wave. However, you have to consider a lot of additional problems, such […]

ABN AMRO Saldo for iPhone

Tweet One of the advantages of modern electronic banking is a very high security. Its provided by a very strong 2 factor authentication. You must have a small computer (authenticator) in order to generate cryptically strong (supposedly) random passwords. (pic is from I’ve described about e-commerce application of this authentication in my post about […]

PCI DSS Certification

Tweet Just got an email from our credit card acquirer with suggestion to pass PCI DSS Certification. This certification ensures that companies handling the credit card numbers safely. Yes, you do need a special certification to handle very sensitive 20-digit numbers. And yes, it shows again how unsecure the credit cards really are. The cerfitication […]

Why my credit card payment was rejected

Tweet A lot of people are asking this questions: I’ve used this credit card many times successfully , but why I can not pay in this particular e-shop? Your payment could be filtered at 2 stages: 1. Credit Card Issuers Mastercard or Visa are checking the following data from your credit card: credit card number expiration date […]

New strategy against credit card fraude

Tweet After some extensive screening of credit card information in our e-shop I still could see from time to time people buying licenses in big amounts (which usually indicates fraud). A week ago I’ve decided to use proactive tactics. For every order, which looks like fraud, I’m sending an email: ————————- Dear Sir/Madame, Unfortunately we’ve […]

Fraud with credit cards again

Tweet We’ve got again a number of products, bought via our e-store with stolen credit cards. Sins we’re sending our products – activation codes electronically per email, customers can supply bogus delivery address an still receive their code via a temporary gmail account. At this moment we have the following limits on our e-store: no […]

Intra-European payment and VAT

Tweet In every European country, if you buy something, you have to pay Value Added Tax (or VAT) It ranges per country from 15 till 25% per country. If you’re a private person, you just have to pay it, no matter what. If you’re a company or self-employed, you can deduct this tax via complex procedure […]