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Finishing business

Tweet Yesterday at 23:30 PM I’ve shut down a number of web-services, I’ve created in the last 4 years. A big part of my wor- life is finished. A bit frustrating that I can not even write about it properly. The company I’ve made it for is still in dispute with another company  and only […]

Testing the Next Generation

Tweet Last two days were spend in futile attempts to merge a PC, PlayStation 3, LED TV, AV-receiver and 5 speakers into a working system. I think I finally got the Dolby sound working at the end, although without sub-woofer there isn’t much difference comparing to the TV stereo speakers. I still need additional small […]

My first TV-set

Tweet It finally happened! I’ve bought my first own  TV-set. After just 8 months of waiting. Actually the whole process of selection and purchase was very interesting. Every year every manufacturer likes to deliver new versions of the products. With anti-viruses normally you have right for a free upgrade. With TVs, of course, it doesn’t […]

Resto Presto – gourmet food via internet

Tweet This weekend we came back to Brussels to finish some chores and have a nice evening out with our friends. However at the time we wanted to go to a nice restaurant, the +36 degrees heat suddenly changed to a thunderstorm. We do wanted to go somewhere nice with good cuisine, but didn’t want […]

TV shows update: july 2010

Tweet Yes, definitely year 2009 was the best for TV-shows ever! May be it’s just for me and after following a dozens shows last year I got simply fed up. Currently we’re sitting in between of major seasons and there is almost absolutely nothing to watch! The only exception is the 3rd season of True […]


Tweet I never liked translation, my English is not good enough for that, but I want to try (sorry, if it’s not funny after the translation): “Once upon the time, there was a poor businessman. He was actually a very rich man, he owned a smallware shop right across the  “Capital” cinema. He was happy […]

Avira sense of humor

Tweet I don’t know if there is a joke is there a word in English language for  something like “compulsory but made to appear as voluntary”. There is one in Russian. The literal translation would be  “voluntary-compulsory”, but it doesn’t sound that funny. Yesterday I’ve tried a test installation of free antivirus from Avira. I’ve […]

Bike trip Den Bosch – Hilversum

Tweet Today I’ve made a first serious cycling trip sins almost 3 years. That was hard! On 11:15 I’ve left home and at 12:40 I was at ‘s-Hertogenbosch Centaal Station. From there different routes exist depending on where you want to cross the 3 “Great Rivers of Netherlands”. The one I used today is 82 […]

Different sorts of tea

Tweet There are different kinds of tea, different sorts, different preparation. I can’t say I’m professional in understanding and drinking tea, just hobbyist. The most important difference is the type of processing (white, green, black, etc). Wikipedia has a lot of nice articles about the processing types of tea. Also, quite important the size of […]

New York Brabants style

Tweet Yesterday after a long time we went to an evening “socializing” session in a bar in the center of Eindhoven. The center is a big word for it, Eindhoven is a very new city. Around 100 years ago it didn’t even exist as a city. Then, thanks for Phillips, the collection of small villages […]