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i-phone as bicycling tracker

Tweet Last month I occasionally became an i-phone 3G owner. I find it a very nice gadget, with a lot of useful features. The most important is, of course ¬†– the Wooden Labyrinth. This one is really the reason the i-phone is so popular! Also I was looking for other applications for a new generation […]

Cycling trips in ‘t-Gooi

Tweet Finally after a very cold and rainy 2 weeks we have something resembling spring. In the middle of May finally we got some sun (which we should have already seen in March). Isn’t it supposed to be global warming and greenhouse effect? Anyway, I’m expanding my bicycle trips in the beautiful region of Gooi. […]

Vaiyo A-rah, Jerhume Brunnen G

Tweet How could I miss this one! Lexx is a 13 years old dark comedy sci-fi show, which must not be missed! How could I watch attempts by modern authors to create brutal fantastic worlds after Lexx! Share on Facebook

Windows update vicious cycle

Tweet When I was student, we started to learn¬†programming. We didn’t have much computers available to us in 1993, so we had to write small programs in Pascal on paper (it doesn’t say anyting about the quality of education. No, I think I’ve got a great engineering education). Our first programming professor was an excentric […]

TV-shows update: may 2010

Tweet Year 2009 was very good for the lovers of sci-fi TV-shows. Unfortunately year 2010 looks a bit less strong. Those are the one I’m trying to watch currently: Lost – to be honest I don’t like this last season. Of course I have to watch it till the end, I just can not stop. […]

first bicycle test in 2.5 years

Tweet It was almost impossible to ride bicycle for fun in Brussel. Too many hills, too many cars. Fortunately nothing happens with steel and carbon after 2.5 years in the cellar. I just had to pump the tires and ready to go! First trip in Hilversum showed that the ‘t Gooi area is still most […]

Dostoyevsky spam

Tweet Just received a very nice spam comment a couple days ago. Tanya found my article about a Dostoevsky book great. And some video on youtube on the subject. Good job, Tanya, I couldnt suspect youtube is full of video about this novel! Share on Facebook

sci-fi shows in 2009

Tweet It appears that sci-fi shows are popular again! As every ner… (sorry, person with engineering education) I love science fiction and TV-shows. Year 2009 had very interesting ones: Battlestar Galactica has finished with 4th season and a movie. You may hate it for liberal approach (if you’re not liberal of course), but the setting […]

New 2010 year

Tweet I was a little bit busy the last 2 month, sorry about that. Despite on number of drafts, I didn’t manage to write a single post. But now a lot of thing are fixed and I should have more time to write. First of all a very hard year 2009 is finished. Economical crisis, […]

New TV-shows season is starting

Tweet After a sad summer with only occasional “Defying Gravity” episode we’ve again in September. The shows I’ll be following closely: LOST Season 6 and last (everybody must watch LOST, no questions, no options) Fringe Season 2(1st episode was aired, “This time it’s WAR!!!”, funny show from the creators of LOST) Big Bang Theory Season […]