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CMSes: WYSIWYG vs HTML-editor

Tweet The whole range of available Content Management Systems (CMSes) could be spread between two different poles: CMSes with  WYSIWYG-editor CMSes with just simple HTML-editors. This division mostly defines how flexible you are in the updates of your content. Free CMSes like Joomla mostly just handle header, footer and menu system and let you anything […]

To patch or not to patch

Tweet You always have to patch! Even if you finally insert a disk with Heavy Rain and get a message, that a patch of 1.1 gigabyte is available. How many bugs have they made if they need more that a gigabyte patch!! (yes, I know, they have added support of Move, it was a joke!) […]

Barracuda spam filters make me sick

Tweet Following my old post about the war of antispam v.s. e-mails. One and a half years later, it looks like the situation is somewhat improved. Almost all the spam-filters know when to block a Viagra sale and when to pass an invitation to a business meeting. The only exception, at least for me, is […]

Third time is the charm

Tweet And the third time I’m importing the same database over and over again. On step 3 of 5 I found some inconsistencies. It looks like we have a lot of contact details with missing data. The biggest problems is that people don’t want to fill the information. They don’t care about internal structure (well, […]

One more CRM migration

Tweet Today I’ve started another migration of company data from one CRM to another. Last time I did it from Goldmine 6.0 to MS CRM 3.0. This time the task is much easier: from CRM 4.0 to CRM 4.0. List of Things to migrate: customisations and special fields account data with all account details, notes […]


Tweet The first question after buying a TV was: what exactly am I supposed to watch? I’ve never actually watched any broadcast TV-channels in by life. Of course, I love TV-shows and movies, I just don’t like the channels itself. Too many commercials, not enough choice. I prefer to get the content via the Internet. This makes the […]

Marketing requirements – Technical requirements

Tweet Today I’ve spend half of the day meeting with a web development company. They use a very nice way to convert from MRD (Marketing Requirements Document, which is basically list of features, which sales and marketing want to have implemented in the product) to TRD (Technical Requirements Document, which is a description of functions, […]

Domain registration fees

Tweet The situation with domain name registration should follow the same rules, as with the web SSL-certificates. Why should they charge a lot of money for the job, which is actually is just a query to a database. Like, for example,  storing and changing a DNS name. Especially when there is a competition. Prices must […]

SSL-certificates in 2010

Tweet The prices of SSL-certificates is going to change. The server certificates will be cheaper, much cheaper. Currently you can spend from $10 (ten) up to $2500  for a certificate. Very interesting question, why such big difference? Some time ago I worked for a company, which positioned itself on a paranoid academic level of security. […]

Planning vs Execution

Tweet There are hundreds of books about planning. People want to be mobile and effective. Work more, earn more, die rich! I find it very positive, the opposite would be “Work less, stay sick, die miserably”. There are also a lot of programs on PC, which help you to get your planning right. I’m not […]