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Free antivirus protection – is there such a thing as a free lunch?

Tweet A couple of years ago, Microsoft released a new free anti-virus product – Microsoft Security Essentials. A lot of people in the antivirus industry were afraid that Microsoft was going to kill the antivirus market. This hasn’t happened yet, despite the fact that Microsoft is performing OK in independent antivirus tests. But Microsoft’s is […]

3 different levels of antivirus protection – which to choose?

Tweet Modern antivirus protection software is a very complex piece of IT engineering. Solutions from different companies have catchy marketing names. This article gives a short overview and tells you what to expect from your antivirus solution. The antivirus industry looks a lot like the car industry. There are a lot of brands with a […]

How to select antivirus software for purchase

Tweet Everybody needs antivirus software. Nearly 100% of all computers in the world already have antivirus software installed. And the antivirus market is one of the rarest ones with active competition. Neither Microsoft nor Google, has managed to become a monopoly on this market yet (like they have done on other markets). So people have […]

How to choose an antivirus solution in practice

Tweet (this article was originally written for Antivirus Direct) Choosing antivirus protection can be very difficult. The market is highly competitive and the products are on the leading edge of information technology. Antivirus vendors have both the knowledge (gained in day-to-day war with cybercriminals) and money to wage an epic brand battle on the field of the […]

International prices in webshops

Tweet The World Wide Web supposed to be an international network. Hence “the”  and “world” in it.  With exception of the Great Chinese firewall anybody in the world could see any information on any website. And, theoretically, anybody could buy any product from any website. I do understand why e-shops, selling real goods like books, […]

Antivirus Direct – Information overload

Tweet When I  started the first version of , I tried to represent the data in the minimalistic way. The less steps user needs to perform to get all the information, required for the analysis  – the better. One page per product sounded like a good idea. Well, I didn’t think there are so many antivirus […]

New project: Antivirus Direct

Tweet I’ve spend the last 4 years working for different antivirus vendors (Kaspersky and Trustport) helping consumers to buy and renew their antiviruses online. The online sales industry of antiviruses is a bit strange. Vendors are still mostly oriented on retail market (well, they’ve build their empires based on brick-and-mortar retail sales). And online shops […]

News in e-payment security

Tweet I’ve written many times about how insecure the credit cards are. They’re stolen by thousands and often merchants are those, who have to pay the price. But credit cards are still the e-payment number one in the world. So, what are the current (2011) trends in making the electronic payments safer? Hardening the credit […]

The role of e-commerce in your business

Tweet The more I think on the subject, the more I come to the same thought. e-commerce doesn’t exist as a separate discipline. Basically it’s just one of the parts of process called “sales” or even more abstract “business”. If I’d try to describe, what e-commerce do for your business it would be: ” improving the information […]

Duma key

Tweet Duma key is one of the latest horror novels by Stephen King.  I liked old Stephen King of 80s –  Salem’s lot, Pet Cemetery and others are the best examples of smart honest horror novels. Normally tt’s very easy to scary your by using typical strong images: just cut a limb from a child […]