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South of Germany

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Lake Como, Italy

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Cycling around Hilversum

Tweet Last weekend the Dutch weather stoke back at us. Planned 2 months in advance cycling trip around Hilversum was put in grave danger by a rain. Rain is the only condition, which could make cycling unbearable.¬†Even the nicest parts of ‘t-Gooi looked like this: We’ve made 54 km with 2 beer-stops in the middle […]

Cycling in Germany

Tweet Last weekend we’ve spend cycling in the northern parts of Rhine-Westphalia, an industrial region in the center of Germany. A friend of mine has developed a 165-km 2 days trip through the picturesque fields between Duisburg and Munster. Here are some photos I’ve made: This time I’ve tried to mix German beer and cycling. […]

Brno, Czech Republic

Tweet The last 3.5 days I’ve spend in a hot hills of Czech Republic. It’s my first time, and actually, it was only work, work, work. No time to sightseeing. The only thing’s I’ve noticed are: It’s a very clean and bright country. Apparently they’ve spend a lot of money, cleaning the centers of old […]

Zwolle – Flevoland – Hilversum cycling trip

Tweet Yesterday we’ve all enjoyed +28 degrees and spotless sun in Netherlands. I’ve made a 112 km cycling trip from Zwolle to Hilversum around the coast of Flevoland, the newest province of Netherlands. The province is a huge chunk of man-made earth, risen up only in 1968. This is the map of the route: Actually […]

Madurodam with new polarizing filter

Tweet Finally a weekend with nice weather in Netherlands. I can not believe it! I even planned another big cycling trip tomorrow. However it’s still humid and still not very easy to take pictures. Just bought a new polarizing filter for this weather. I liked it actually. It looks like it’s doing something weird with […]

Gladiator fight

Tweet Here are a couple of pictures from the main event of Archeon theme park – the gladiator fight. Archeon is located near Alpen aan den Rijn in the center of the Netherlands. In this park you can watch and even try the life of people in different periods of ancient Dutch history – from […]

Utrecht in bad weather

Tweet I really have to learn how to make pictures with bad weather. Looks like the whole summer will be clouded here. Today, instead of watching “Burn Notice” and looking at the sun-filled Miami on my monitor, I went to Utrecht for a short walk with some friends. The positive part was completely empty streets. […]

Rotterdam-Hilversum cycling trip

Tweet Last weekend I fell a victim of the weather forecasters. They’ve promised cloudy Saturday and perfect Sunday. The reality was quite the opposite. So, again I spend the whole day cycling and waiting for sun. All the photos from this trip are of very bad quality, sorry about that. Anyway, the this is the […]