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Oil Man 70.3 race report

Tweet I finally got time to write a proper race report. Actually may be little bit less than a proper report, because it will only focus on the aspects interesting for me: how well did I execute the race plan and how well did I execute the whole training cycle. The result is very encouraging: […]

Worst ride ever

Tweet Yesterday morning I had the worst ride of my life. First thing I noticed was a half-flat tire. Ignoring it in attempt to save 15 min was the first and probably my biggest mistake. I thought if it pump it up, I’ll be able to ride for 45 min. This didn’t go well. The morning […]

Night riding deserves a quiet night

Tweet I continue to discover the pleasures of the off-season riding. They are sometimes more interesting that I thought they would be. Yesterday I started my usual 14 mi ride, which takes about 50-55 min around 6:30pm. It was quite bright and I didn’t even turn the lights at the beginning. However during the ride […]

Cold season

Tweet Yesterday the “cold” season officially started in Boston. By “cold” I mean the weather that don’t allow to run or ride in t-shirt of shirts. This morning’s brick started at 46F (+7C) and it was way to cold even for 2 t-shirts. Next time I’m getting my winter jacket and hopefully new biking pants. If […]

Recovering from the crash

Tweet The recovery from the bike crash takes longer than expected. I skipped all workouts on the next day after the crash, so I don’t irritate the scratched spots with showers or swimming pool. On the day after I had a swimming session and a short aerobic run. One of the shoulders hurts much more […]

A 14-hour week. First bike crush.

Tweet This week was one of the best weeks I ever had. 4 swims, almost 90 miles of cycling and 37 miles of running. The last workout was a 57mi ride +10mi ride brick, and it drained me completely. The weather made it even harder. I though by mid-September we’re done with humid New England summer, […]

New bike, first rides

Tweet Yesterday I had my usual 14-mile loop ride on the new bike. The results are: 5 PRs on Strava segments. And this is the loop where it’s not easy for me to get a PR, because I’ve done it so many times +1 mile to my usual speed on the loop. Probably I can do […]

Pitch Pine Tri and rest week

Tweet The last week was the easiest week in a while. I logged just about 4 hours of workouts, not counting yoga recovery sessions. So let’s call it a recovery week. I supposed to have one coming up, but I’m going to replace it with a long week, full of swimming and briks. Pitch Pine […]

First flat in two seasons

Tweet Yesterday I had my first flat tire since I started active cycling, and it made me very happy! I had everything I need to repair a flat except experience. And I was very afraid my first flat will happen during an important race and something will go wrong. But it happened during a short 14 […]

1st build week: rest and century ride

Tweet The 1st week of the 1st build period didn’t start too good. I had many non-sport issues. They decreased all my abilities, including willpower and courage to face horrors. This resulted in a 2-day rest.  Yes, I had two full days of rest! Actually I also missed one more swimming workout, because I didn’t […]