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Ramp-up week: FTP-test and a 5K swim

Tweet The week ramped up fast. And this time I didn’t get injured or sick or found myself in a mental dip. I would call it a successful transition period. On Thursday I’ve performed another FTP test. This time I was able to push exactly how I supposed to: as hard as I can for 20 […]

Ramp-up week

Tweet This week supposed to be a ramp-up week. The intensity and length of workouts don’t matter, I planned just to have workouts. Of course, it didn’t go that well. On Monday I supposed to have a smaller version of 8-mile track workout. Just a 8-mile slow long run. Unfortunately my higher cognitive functions are […]

Taper weekend

Tweet One week before the Half Ironman and it’s time to taper! I will write more detailed pre-race report at the end of next week, today just a short review of the taper weekend. At this point in the training I need to make sure I’m not overtrained and ready to crush the race. Looking […]

Hitting a warm wall

Tweet Yesterday I hit a warm wall for the first time since last HIM. My glycogen stores were probably not depleted, I think it was the temperature and humidity. But it wasn’t a full blown heat stroke either. So let’s call it a “warm wall”. First I had a very nice and easy 1 mile swim […]

Second Century ride

Tweet I just returned from my second Century ride. It is the same I did almost exactly one year ago, CRW Climb to the Clouds. Lets quickly compare my performance improvement over a year: 2015 2016 Speed 15.9mi/h 16.3mi/h mt Wachusett climbing speed 7.16mi/h 7.96mi/h Average Heart rate 141 131 Last 10 miles feeling OMG, let […]

4-hour long Brik. Is my FTP too low or am I measuring something wrong

Tweet Today I did a very long Brik workout. 57 miles ride + 5 miles run. In fact I just noticed I only had 4 50+ miles rides ever (including HIM and a Century ride last year). So it’s hard to get a baseline for improvement measurement. Comparing to the last year 50+ mile ride (the […]

First proper Brik workout

Tweet I was surprised myself. I actually never did a proper Brik workout before. If you don’t count the actual triathlons. Last year I did a couple of 2-hour spinning sessions +  3-4 mile runs, but I’m not sure they count. So today was the day. I finished a relatively low-volume high-stress moving week with […]

Charles river 1 mile swim and Ashland Olympic Triathlon

Tweet This weekend I had back-to-back races, first time in my life. I didn’t really planned to do it. The main reason is the Charles River swim. I consider it a “bucket list” race, because its fun to swim in the river on the banks of which you’ve done hundreds of runs. Last year I […]

Speed workouts

Tweet Last Monday I had one of the most crushing workouts ever.  Crushing in a sense “hard to recover from”. After a fast (7:24/mile) and hilly (700+ feet) 13-miler on Sunday we had a relay-type speed workout on Monday. Speed workouts are the worst to recover from and relays are even worse. I always have […]

Long rides navigation

Tweet My navigation skills are horrigle. Usually on every turn I never know if I should go left or right. I need some kind of guidance on my long rides, so I don’t have to spend time stopping or backtracking. Charles River Wheelmen has plenty of nice, convenient routes around Boston with several guiding options: […]