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Feeling very tired, but in a good way

Tweet %Subj%. I still have a master swim workout in about an hour and then this week will be done. I think I successfully used up all my restored vacation power. All workouts completed as planned and I feel tired. The subjectively measured values so far show that I’m not overtrained. The only one signal […]

Feels like winter

Tweet I think I’m having a slight training overload. Running is going OK if I can get to it. But mentally its not that easy anymore. It’s not the training that is hard, its everything besides the training. But as I already know, its not true. I don’t have much more stuff to do than […]

First winter run in Boston

Tweet And finally the Boston weather has shown us that it still can deliver. A big storm hit the North East last Thursday. Plus another 4 inches of snow on Friday. Plus another foot is coming as I write it on Sunday. I managed to put a 18-miler yesterday. The Carriage road was not cleaned […]

Running in Salt Lake City

Tweet This week’s running workouts are supposed to be hard. The reasons for that are: I’m doing them after 6+ hours of snowboarding. This should be possible. If I train for Ironman triathlon, I’m not supposed to be tired after 6 hours of a light aerobic activity. Salt Lake City is 4300′ above sea level […]

5 days of physical bliss

Tweet And its this time again. I’m in Salt Lake City for 5 days of snowboarding during the day and running in the evening. This time I made slight adjustments. Every day will start with 30 min of yoga. I think it really helps to warm the body up for the snowboarding. Today I felt great […]

Pareto principle in the peak weeks

Tweet Peak weeks are hard. They supposed to be. The most important part of this training session is the running. My first priority is to do the 70 mpw during  3 weeks and this includes different types of workouts, not just the mileage. So far I’m OK, with the exception of 18-miler with 12 miles […]

Failed MP-run

Tweet I was not able to do 12 miles at marathon pace during the long run yesterday. The legs were just not up to it. Also, usually I have a tailwind in the first half, if I run the Boston Marathon course towards the start, but yesterday it was the opposite. For the first half […]

Peak weeks

Tweet The next two weeks are the hardest ones. 70 miles per week in each of them. It is mostly long slow runs, but sometimes there are monster MP or LT runs. I am still trying to run my slow runs at 7:00-7:10 pace. Heart rate stays relatively low, about 150-160 with peaks at 165 […]

Recovery after 18-miler

Tweet I have never done an 18-miler before. Usually I don’t really need any recovery after a half-marathon. I can even do an interval session on the next day and be productive. After a full marathon I normally need a lot of recovery. For at least 2 weeks without any hard workouts. 18-miler supposed to […]

Winter Warlock 18-miler

Tweet It was a very good race! The conditions were perfect: sunny, ~30F( -1C) and a small breeze.  My most important goal was to test my target MP of 6:30 min/mile. I successfully accomplished that. The average pace was 6:29. Here is the link to a strava recording The course was a simple out and back […]