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Tired legs vs tired aerobic system

Tweet I am not sure if there is a difference between tired muscles and tired “aerobic system”. Sometimes when you fail to keep up during  a hard workout different parts of your body limit the performance.. Sometimes the heart rate spikes to your limit and you just have to slow down. But other times you […]

Switching to daily upload for HRV4Training

Tweet HRV4Training constantly gets new features. I usually don’t spend too much time in the app, just the mandatory 1 minute after I wake up. So it can take a while before I find them. It looks like some of the new features, like VO2Max and and TSS summaries are only available when you connect […]

first week of Pfitz 12/70

Tweet The 1st week test was almost a success. I my plan A was to keep 6:30 min/mile for 8 miles in the middle of the 15-mile long run. Here is the result: The average pace was 10 seconds slower than planned. But taking hills into account, it was actually 6:32 min/mile. Ho heart rate […]

Good Tuesdays and long winter swims

Tweet The last couple of weeks the medium-long runs on Tuesday were surprisingly fast. I did 7:09 min/mile on a 13-miler last Tuesday and 7:03 on a 11-miler yesterday. It is a bit strange, because it happens after a hard interval session on Monday. Even my Saturday long runs are slower than that, and I supposed to […]

Pfitz 12/70 start

Tweet The ramp-up weeks are behind me. I’m actually quite happy with the progress. Despite a disappointing half-marathon, the workouts are looking better than ever. I do my long runs around 7:20-7:30 pace, looking to dropping to 7:10 during the next weeks. I was able to hold 6:20 for 4 miles of an LT run. […]

Massage and foam rolling

Tweet I am always looking for new ways to improve my recovery. One of the methods I always overlooked was massage. It was never clear too me if it’s something that I need. My legs are sore after hard workouts and then they recover. How to determine that the muscles are too tight and can […]

Winter races

Tweet I just realized I had just three running races in 2016. I even had more swimming races than running! This is probably not the best approach. At some point I had a race every month, when I started to learn how to run. For the next year, I planned just one – Rock&Roll DC marathon […]

Happy Merrython take 3. Not a PR

Tweet I just finished a Happy Merrython half marathon race. I really like this race and I’m going it already third time in a row. This time is was not my best race. My target was 1:25 and I finished 1:26:10, which is 2 minutes slower than my PR a year ago on the same […]

Test week

Tweet After I moved to suburbs, I had almost no track workouts. This Monday was probably the second track visit in the last half year. So far it looks like my short distance speed didn’t suffer much. The workout consisted of (3 min hard 2 min moderate) x4 x2 intervals. Basically two 20-minutes long fartlek […]

Ramping up

Tweet So far the ramping up is going OK. I’m pretty happy with how the week progresses. For the last several days I was able to hit all workout goals. And this is a very short week, thanks to Thanksgiving we have 4 free days in a row. It is always easy to train, when […]