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Swimming technique correction

Tweet One of my plans for 2017 was the break a swimming performance plateau.  My pace stopped improving around 1:30 min/100 yards and stood there for about half a year. Today I’ve  got a second opinion about my technique from another swimming coach. E3Training solutions offers a 1:1 swim analysis session. Before the session I […]

Miles for Marly 100×100 2017

Tweet For the second time, I participated in a crazy swimmers tradition – a 100 times 100 yard interval workout first Sunday of a New Year. Last time I was doing it on 1:50 interval and it was quite doable. This time I tried to do it on 100 seconds or 1:40. Unfortunately it required […]

Good Tuesdays and long winter swims

Tweet The last couple of weeks the medium-long runs on Tuesday were surprisingly fast. I did 7:09 min/mile on a 13-miler last Tuesday and 7:03 on a 11-miler yesterday. It is a bit strange, because it happens after a hard interval session on Monday. Even my Saturday long runs are slower than that, and I supposed to […]

Pfitz 12/70 start

Tweet The ramp-up weeks are behind me. I’m actually quite happy with the progress. Despite a disappointing half-marathon, the workouts are looking better than ever. I do my long runs around 7:20-7:30 pace, looking to dropping to 7:10 during the next weeks. I was able to hold 6:20 for 4 miles of an LT run. […]

Distance swimming days

Tweet The main MIT pool, where I’m taking the master swimming sessions, is closed for a yearly maintenance. The “Alumni” pool is open and I’m going there instead. There is no coach, so I’m trying to do a kind of “distance” workouts: Warm-up: 100 free 50 breast 100  free 50 breast 100 free 100 free […]

First 1650

Tweet One of the advice my swimming coach gave me when I asked how to improve my long distance swimming pace is to swim 1650s on time. Apparently its one of the typical long swimming workoutss. They even call it a “swimming mile”, even though it’s not a mile. Weird, but the actual distance doesn’t […]

Oil Man 70.3 race report

Tweet I finally got time to write a proper race report. Actually may be little bit less than a proper report, because it will only focus on the aspects interesting for me: how well did I execute the race plan and how well did I execute the whole training cycle. The result is very encouraging: […]

Upgrade to 3rd lane

Tweet Workouts during the taper should be short but intense. In attempt to follow this rule I have upgraded from line 4 to line 3 in my Masters swimming group. The lane distribution in our group looks like this. Usually we have a lot of people in the first two lanes. Those guys and girls […]

Going up

Tweet Most probably the dip last week was caused by emotional non-sport related stress. This week I started to work on new projects with new goals. And it positively impacted my training. The first 3 workouts of this week were quite good. 8×800 on ~2:50-2:56. It was a bit harder than usual, I suspect it’s because […]

Ramp-up week: FTP-test and a 5K swim

Tweet The week ramped up fast. And this time I didn’t get injured or sick or found myself in a mental dip. I would call it a successful transition period. On Thursday I’ve performed another FTP test. This time I was able to push exactly how I supposed to: as hard as I can for 20 […]