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2016 season review

Tweet The whole review is just one pictureLessons learned: stability beats crazy workouts biggest problem in 2016 – mental, not physical I can handle 800 rTSS or 700 combined TSS Share on Facebook

Oil Man 70.3 race report

Tweet I finally got time to write a proper race report. Actually may be little bit less than a proper report, because it will only focus on the aspects interesting for me: how well did I execute the race plan and how well did I execute the whole training cycle. The result is very encouraging: […]

Oilman Half-Ironman pre-race report

Tweet As before, I will not have time for a full pre-race report tomorrow, so I’ll write one today. Tomorrow I’m flying to Houston, TX for a half-Ironman distance triathlon Oilman.  Initially I planned to do Ironman Austin 70.3, but on the Slowtwitch forums there were a lot of negative feedback about the bike course. […]

1st week of taper

Tweet The fist week of taper went just fine. The only problem was the Northeastern weather trying to screw up my weekend. A day with a rain and a day without a rain were promised. I planned a 10-mile run for a rainy day and a 25 mile ride for a dry one. And yes, the […]

Upgrade to 3rd lane

Tweet Workouts during the taper should be short but intense. In attempt to follow this rule I have upgraded from line 4 to line 3 in my Masters swimming group. The lane distribution in our group looks like this. Usually we have a lot of people in the first two lanes. Those guys and girls […]

Here comes taper!

Tweet Three hard weeks of training is done, it’s finally time for a taper. I usually welcome it, because the week before taper are the hardest ones. The three week’s cycle was quite successful. I manage to do a number of race-pace workouts and dial down on mileage a bit. As a result, I don’t […]

Indian summer

Tweet Global warming has not screwed the weather enough to cancel Indian Summers. I wonder if it’s still politically correct to use this term for the unusually warm weather in October. But anyway, it’s here. Today the temperature will hit 80F (27C) in Boston. It will not affect my training much. Unfortunately it’s still dark […]

Closing OWS season

Tweet Triathlon training in Boston in October is not a very good idea. September is just fine, but October stretches it. Not enough sun for evening rides, water temperature getting too low. Probability of rain is too high. It’s time to switch to running mode. This year my last tri is Nov,6. The next year […]

Sucessfull week

Tweet The week was definitely a success. I would be happy with just 10 hours of training, but I did 11.5 and finished up with a very nice build-style weekend. Even slight flu symptoms at the beginning of the week didn’t hurt the performance. This is how I think a successful build week looks like: […]

Going up

Tweet Most probably the dip last week was caused by emotional non-sport related stress. This week I started to work on new projects with new goals. And it positively impacted my training. The first 3 workouts of this week were quite good. 8×800 on ~2:50-2:56. It was a bit harder than usual, I suspect it’s because […]