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Going down

Tweet I’m feeling very tired. More emotionally, than physically. The training hours are greatly reduced, I did just above 5 hours of training, not counting yoga sessions this week. Because I don’t have enough training, my body hurts. Weak mind picks up those signals and asks for even more rest. I even know the mind is […]

A 14-hour week. First bike crush.

Tweet This week was one of the best weeks I ever had. 4 swims, almost 90 miles of cycling and 37 miles of running. The last workout was a 57mi ride +10mi ride brick, and it drained me completely. The weather made it even harder. I though by mid-September we’re done with humid New England summer, […]

Pitch Pine Tri and rest week

Tweet The last week was the easiest week in a while. I logged just about 4 hours of workouts, not counting yoga recovery sessions. So let’s call it a recovery week. I supposed to have one coming up, but I’m going to replace it with a long week, full of swimming and briks. Pitch Pine […]

Pitch Pine Olympic Triathlon: pre-race report

Tweet Tomorrow I’m racing the Pitch Pine triathlon, Olympic distance. It is a very small race and on the website they don’t even have a profile for the run and bike courses. It is fine, it’s a B-race for me. The main goal is just to practice transitions, to be honest. The training weeks before […]

Build week?

Tweet To be honest when I was planning by Build cycles, I did not reduce the volume, just added intensity. Which is probably too ambitious. Most of my dream training cycles are ambitious. Last couple of weeks I skipped some workday workouts, but had very good weekend workouts. Workouts, specific to the race. So this week […]

1st build week: rest and century ride

Tweet The 1st week of the 1st build period didn’t start too good. I had many non-sport issues. They decreased all my abilities, including willpower and courage to face horrors. This resulted in a 2-day rest.  Yes, I had two full days of rest! Actually I also missed one more swimming workout, because I didn’t […]

Horror strikes again

Tweet I had to skip this morning’s light workout and evening hard workout, because of overindulgence in practically everything for the last week and a half. This is getting out of control. Lets assume this is a rest day. Share on Facebook

Oilman training cycle

Tweet The recovery week is going very good. I had 2 full rest days and 5 days of light workouts. During this time I’m more-less identified the structure of the next training cycle. The next A-race is Oilman Triathlon on November,  6. It’s a Half-Ironman distance again and the course is relatively flat and fast. […]

recovery horror

Tweet I had 2 full rest days and today I was planning to slowly ease in the training again. An easy jog or a ride for example. However I got the car this morning and thought to hit Masters workout in the pool. Ideally the morning with a swim workout looks like this: wake up at […]

Poconos Mountains Half Ironman triathlon

Tweet It was a success for me. I hit the main goal and one of the secondary ones. Well, almost hit it, with some caveats. Lets start from the beginning. Organization of the race was very nice and professional. It’s my first time doing anything with Rev3 and I like the experience very much. Usually […]