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Time to pivot

Tweet Time to pivot this blog again. It serves the purpose of biweekly reviews, but nothing more. I’m going to have to think what kind of content I’d like to put here. Share on Facebook

Rest week or hard week

Tweet I supposed to have a rest week, but instead I feel very very tired. The main reason was the 18-mile race I did last Sunday, of course. I had to do some shifts in the training and move medium-long run to the end of the week. As a result I had a beautiful three […]

Too much of a good rain

Tweet Usually I like to run in the rain. Wet clothes don’t bother me and the rain cools the body down. I have to watch for wet feet and get thicker socks to prevent blisters, but otherwise rain is just fine. However doing a ~2 hour run in a pouring rain is a bit too much. 7:20 […]