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Rotterdam-Hilversum cycling trip

Tweet Last weekend I fell a victim of the weather forecasters. They’ve promised cloudy Saturday and perfect Sunday. The reality was quite the opposite. So, again I spend the whole day cycling and waiting for sun. All the photos from this trip are of very bad quality, sorry about that. Anyway, the this is the […]

Bike trip Den Bosch – Hilversum

Tweet Today I’ve made a first serious cycling trip sins almost 3 years. That was hard! On 11:15 I’ve left home and at 12:40 I was at ‘s-Hertogenbosch Centaal Station. From there different routes exist depending on where you want to cross the 3 “Great Rivers of Netherlands”. The one I used today is 82 […]

first bicycle test in 2.5 years

Tweet It was almost impossible to ride bicycle for fun in Brussel. Too many hills, too many cars. Fortunately nothing happens with steel and carbon after 2.5 years in the cellar. I just had to pump the tires and ready to go! First trip in Hilversum showed that the ‘t Gooi area is still most […]