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News in e-payment security

Tweet I’ve written many times about how insecure the credit cards are. They’re stolen by thousands and often merchants are those, who have to pay the price. But credit cards are still the e-payment number one in the world. So, what are the current (2011) trends in making the electronic payments safer? Hardening the credit […]

How fast the credit card payments really are?

Tweet It looks like the credit card payments in the Internet are immediate. You pay and the money are coming from your credit card to the bank account of the e-shop. Well, it’s only partially true. The credit card “cloud” promises that the money will come directly, but in reality this process is not that […]

PCI DSS Certification

Tweet Just got an email from our credit card acquirer with suggestion to pass PCI DSS Certification. This certification ensures that companies handling the credit card numbers safely. Yes, you do need a special certification to handle very sensitive 20-digit numbers. And yes, it shows again how unsecure the credit cards really are. The cerfitication […]

Why my credit card payment was rejected

Tweet A lot of people are asking this questions: I’ve used this credit card many times successfully , but why I can not pay in this particular e-shop? Your payment could be filtered at 2 stages: 1. Credit Card Issuers Mastercard or Visa are checking the following data from your credit card: credit card number expiration date […]

Past, present and future of online payments

Tweet   Pioneers sometimes pay more than their followers. It’s harder to be the first in any field, and in any industry as well. To be The First of course means  you’re also The Best, at least at the beginning. Pioneers invest heavily in R&D, infrastructure and they find methods to do what they do […]

Good and Bad in Credit Card processing

Tweet Credit cards are good for online purchases. Everybody knows that. They’re popular, they’re fast, they’re convinient for the client. A lot of Payment Service Providers are dedicated mostly to credit cards only. But actually, for merchants, credit cards are the worst and least secure method for online payments. The authentication is week Third party […]