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Free Anti-Viruses Industry

Tweet A couple of days ago Microsoft came with a new free Anti-Virus product – Microsoft Security Essentials I will not comment on Microsoft ability to create security products, my opinion could be based of course. I’d like to write a bit about the whole idea of those Free Anti-Virus. Currently it’s not just a […]

How to measure e-commerce performance

Tweet What are the characteristics, you can use to measure your e-commerce activity (except just turnover). Most of the sales and communications are direct, so you can not measure it by the number of partners/resellers/distributors. Here are examples for the software e-shop: Revenue source split Direct sales After trial Affiliate network SEM Email marketing Shareware […]

How to build channel from online clients. Part 2

Tweet This is the second part of the article about online channels. In the first part I’ve tried to explain what does “building online channel from online clients” mean. So, lets assume we have a standard distribution model. A few distributors, several dozens (or hundreds) resellers-retailers and we want to track which customer of which […]

How to build channel from online clients

Tweet In this article I’ll mostly speak about Kaspersky Anti-Virus products, but it could be applied to other products as well. One of the feature of modern Anti-Viruses – they’re keep asking for money every year. Traditionally all vendors provide a possibility to upgrade online, with some discount. For example, you buy a box with an […]

URL redirection for partner links

Tweet URLs are the connections between different sites and businesses. If you plan an action with your online partner for promotion of a specified product via a specified landing page, you’ll come at the end to the URL. In the URL normally you can find all this information: what product is promoted who is the […]

Standard promotion mailings

Tweet We just tried to send a standard “buy our product” mailing with one of our partners (so hard to write when half of the information you can not share). The mailing include short description of products, boxshots and links to buy them. The conversion was between 0.3% and 0.6%, which is very small. Looks […]

Finally Google tracks conversion

Tweet We got it. I’m not 100% sure how, looks like order of functions is important for Google. Strange, it should not matter at all. Anyway, in order to receive the transaction data correctly, google scripts must be invoced in the following order: pageTracker._setDomainName(“”);          pageTracker._trackPageview(); (all _addTrans and _addItem calls) pageTracker._trackTrans();  Transaction must be tracked after the […]

Fight with google continues

Tweet Still we can not manager to install right codes to track Google transactions. I’ve already described a number of steps we’ve made here Sins then we’ve tried to change from one tag <script> into two and some other minor (seemingly useless) changes. At some point we’ve seed a flash of light at the end […]

3rd day fighting with Google Analytics

Tweet Already 3rd day we can not manage to force Google Analytics to count our e-commerce transactions. The goal was to count number of products, sold in our e-shop and number of downloads there. Google just shows 0. Specialist from Google Adwords Company thinking that the reason is a wrong domain name. First it appears […]

Are banners dead for e-commerce?

Tweet 3 years ago I was completely disappointed in banners. We’re started several campaigns and never get any positive ROI from them. May be they help with branding or visibility, but I can not measure it. 3 years later and again we’re trying to start a campaign. Another couple of thousands euro spend on experiments. […]