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Barracuda spam filters make me sick

Tweet Following my old post about the war of antispam v.s. e-mails. One and a half years later, it looks like the situation is somewhat improved. Almost all the spam-filters know when to block a Viagra sale and when to pass an invitation to a business meeting. The only exception, at least for me, is […]

Trying to send emails via CRM API

Tweet It looks like MS CRM 4.0 API doesn’t allow you to try to send an email. You can create an email, of course, like this: email ResellerEmail = new email(); //filling dozens of parameters Guid emailID = service.Create(ResellerEmail); This only creates an email in the database, but not actually sending anything. In order to […]

Antispam vs email

Tweet One of the best thing I love about email – it’s predictability of delivery. You always (well, almost almost always) know if your email was delivered or not. Either your email shows up in the mailbox of the recipient or warning shows up in your mailbox.┬áNothing disappears in the middle. It could well be […]